Above:  this is my shop in Tucson, Arizona.  In the photo you can see a lot of the glaze materials that I use in my ceramic work.  I make my own sometimes, and I also like to use colors that I buy from such companies as Amaco, Coyote and Laguna.  I bisque fire to cone 04 and then fire again to cone 6 for the glazes.  The firing is done in a Scutt electric kiln.

Below: right now I am working on a curtain made of 3 x 6 inch unglazed tile.  I wanted to create some privacy and shade around the patio at my house; to turn the space into a kind of outdoor room.  I have not worked out the final configuration yet, there are still some problems with getting it to hang correctly, but it’s coming along.

Ok.  So I’ve finished the curtain for now.  To see more photos click here.